60 seconds with…Silvia Pellegrini

Next in our 60 seconds with… series, we have the quirky and ever-charming Silvia Pellegrini. Entrepreneur, event consultant, author, columnist, and event manager, Silvia is also the founder and managing director of Silvia Pellegrini Consultancy. In 2013, Silvia started Events Uncovered TV where she is CEO and interviews incredible event experts around the world.


Describe yourself in five words or less.

Introvert, foodie, ‘dancer’, globetrotter.

What was your first ever job?


How long have you been in your role?

Events Uncovered: 20 months.

How did you get into the events industry?

Like many others, by chance. Someone asked me if I organised weddings and I said “I DO”.

What do you like and dislike about the events industry?

I love how diverse our industry is. So much talent!

I don’t like people who thinks and act as their time is more important than mine.

How has the industry changed since you first started?

Social media. There is a lot of social media. It can be good and it can be bad.

Best event you’ve been to?

2012 Olympics opening ceremony.

What have been your key achievements to date?

Moving to the UK by myself when I was 19. Getting into the property market at 23. Doing my degree in the UK. Business: starting something from nothing. Being with my husband for over 12 years.

But of course, my biggest achievement is yet to come.


Do you follow sports? Which team do you support?

Not much, but a little rugby. Saracens, Italy and South Africa.

What would be your last meal on Earth?

I am a foodie..but I will stick with my Italian pizza.

If there was a film about your life, who would you choose to play you and why?

Jada Pinkett Smith. She is smart, gorgeous and I love the way she thinks and raise her children.

What do you do outside of work to let steam off?

Dance! A little gym too…Eat, eat and eat some more!

First song that comes to mind?

Blessings – Etana feat Alborosie.

What are your goals for 2016?

Present and involve event professionals with Connecttribes and Events Uncovered Academy. Be the ‘go-to’ person for resources in the event industry.


If you want to follow Silvia’s work, check her out on Twitter at @EventsUncovered and visit her website www.eventsuncovered.tv/category/blog/. You can also follow her Youtube channel www.youtube.com/user/EventsUncoveredTv.

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