Is banter a good thing?

A new study has found that a good dose of sarcasm is healthy.

Well, that’s just great. What a surprise. We never would have guessed.

You might agree that many a conversation had in the events industry is filled with innuendos, humour and most of all, sarcasm. It’s okay to admit it, we’re all friends here.


Some believe that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but that may not necessarily be the case, says a new study published in the Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes journal. It might actually stimulate creativity, the generation of ideas, insight, or problem solutions that are useful.

The study from leading business school Insead, together with Harvard and Columbia universities, suggests that people who engage in sarcasm – as the giver or receiver of comments – were up to three times more creative that those who refrain from the linguistic device.

The researchers said: “We have shown that creativity is enhanced following all types of sarcasm, from sarcastic anger and criticism to sarcastic compliments and banter. All forms of sarcastic exchanges, not just sarcastic anger or criticism, seem to exercise the brain more.”

The making and interpreting of sarcastic comments forces the brain to work in abstract mode as it involves internally debating whether a sentence is meant literally, or the opposite – this is said to boost creativity.

Also, given that sarcasm is generally light-hearted humour – as a stress management tool, letting out a good, hearty laugh reduces our level of stress hormones and lends a hand to boosting our immune system.

So, in conclusion with a little word to people who see my Bitchy Resting Face (BRF)…I’m not as cold a person you may think I am – I’m just embracing my creativity.


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