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Mirium fully retouched-7Next in our 60 seconds with series… Miriam Sigler, director of Ways & Means Events, guest blogger and cake baking competitor, takes to the spotlight. She talks jazz hands, bug bears, Amy Schumer and health saftey in the industry.

Describe yourself in five words or less.
I don’t think there are five words in the English language that could accurately describe me!

How long have you been in your role?
I’ve been in operations for 20+ years. But Gill Geens and I set up Ways & Means Events nearly three years ago.

How did you get into the events industry?
As a kid I wanted to get into, and actually did a degree in, Design for Theatre, Film & TV. So my dad got me a few days work experience with the events team at the organisation he worked at. I fell in love with events and ended up working for them on and off for 10 years (even bunking off school/uni for big events!)

What do you like and dislike about the events industry?
This is such an incredibly supportive industry. If you treat people with respect and appreciation when things start to go wrong they have your back.

My biggest bug bear at the moment is that given the number of phenomenal women in the industry that he recognition and awards are still going to the same old  boys club.

jazz-handsHow has the industry changed since you first started?
Health & Safety without a doubt. I remember sitting on carpet rolls smoking a cig during build up and break down! There’s been a huge amount of work done by key industry professionals to ensure the safety of everyone is a priority and that the approach is a practical rather than a prohibitive one.

Best event you’ve been to?
Hands down opening ceremony rehearsal of the Olympics.

What have been your key achievements to date?
In terms of work the thing that gives me the most pride is seeing team members I have nurtured and supported going out into the big wide world and making an impact.

On a personal level, teaching my niece jazz hands and her renaming the Mary Poppins DVD, Miri Poppins!

Do you follow sports? Which team do you support?

amy-schumer-funny-girlWhat would be your last meal on Earth?
I’d probably have a pizza. As a wheat free vegetarian, I miss it loads! With a side of vodka!

If there was a film about your life, who would you choose to play you and why?
Amy Schumer. I think she is hysterical and shares a lot of the same views as me.

What do you do outside of work to let steam off?
Quite frequently found tapping around the West End going to see yet another musical.

First song that comes to mind?
I just wanna fucking dance (from Jerry Springer the Opera!)

What are your goals for 2015?
To get through silly season and come out the other side with new experiences and skills!

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